Shadows on the Sun

Shadows on the SunAs a young doctor with a beautiful family and a promising medical career, Dr Leonard McCoy thought he had it all But when the woman he loved betrayed him, McCoy fled to Starfleet, hoping to lose his pain in the depths of space Now, than forty years later, the Enterprise and her crew are

Cloak (Star Trek: Section 31, #1)

Cloak (Star Trek: Section 31, #1)They are the self appointed protectors of the Federation Amoral, shrouded in secrecy, answerable to no one, Section 31 is the mysterious covert operations division of Starfleet, a rogue shadow group committed to safeguarding the Federation at any cost Once, in order to preserve the galaxy s

Black Fire

Black FireWhen sabotage strikes the EnterpriseTM, Spock s investigation leads him into an alliance with the Romulan and Klingon empires against the Tomarii, a bloodthirsty race for whom war is life itself Spock is declared a traitor and sentenced to the Federation s highest security prison, and Kirk must

The Covenant of the Crown (Star Trek: The Original Series #4)

The Covenant of the Crown (Star Trek: The Original Series #4)An Enterprise shuttle is forced to crash land in a violent storm on the barren planet Sigma 1212 Spock, McCoy and Kailyn, the beautiful heir to the Shaddan throne, survive in the near disaster Pursued by primitive hunters and a band of Klingon scouts, they must reach the mountain where the

The Wounded Sky

The Wounded SkyAn alien scientist invents the Intergalactic Inversion Drive, an engine system that transcends warp drive, and the U.S.S Enterprise will be the first to test it The Klingons attempt to thwart the test, but a greater danger looms when strange symptoms surface among the crew, and time becomes

The Romulan Way (Star Trek: Rihannsu, #2)

The Romulan Way (Star Trek: Rihannsu, #2)They are a race of warriors, a noble people to whom honor is all They are cousin to the Vulcan, ally to the Klingon, and Starfleet s most feared and cunning adversary They are the Romulans, and for eight years, Federation Agent Terise LoBrutto has hidden in their midst Now the presence of a

The Klingon Gambit (Star Trek: The Original Series #3)

The Klingon Gambit (Star Trek: The Original Series #3)The Klingons are hungry for war their target The Enterprise When Captain Kirk and his crew are ordered to Alnath II to challenge the deadliest Klingon starship Terror, they re ready for anything or so they think But the defenseless Vulcan crew of a Federation science ship has been wiped out.

My Enemy, My Ally (Star Trek: Rihannsu, #1)

My Enemy, My Ally (Star Trek: Rihannsu, #1)Ael t Rlailiiu is a noble and dangerous Romulan Commander But when the Romulans kidnap Vulcans to genetically harness their mind power, Ael decides on treason Captain Kirk, her old enemy, joins her in a secret pact to destroy the research laboratory and free the captive Vulcans When the Romulans

The Joy Machine

The Joy MachineTimshel was once the vacation spot of the galaxy, full of culture, natural beauty, and friendly, hospitable inhabitants But now Timshel has cut itself off from the universe No one is allowed to enter or leave Concerned, the Federation has sent agents to investigate, but none have returned.

The Starship Trap

The Starship TrapEn route to an important diplomatic reception, the U.S.S Enterprise TM suddenly is set upon by a Klingon warship This unprovoked assault, Kirk discovers, is in response to what the Klingon ship s captain claims are recent Federation attacks on several Klingon vessels which have disappeared.

The Lost Years (Star Trek: The Lost Years, #1)

The Lost Years (Star Trek: The Lost Years, #1)After the end of the Enterprise TM s five year mission, Captain Kirk, Mr Spock, and Dr McCoy struggle to establish new lives apart from each other and the starship The newly promoted Admiral Kirk is placed in charge of a specially created Starfleet division and attempts to defuse a critical

Memory Prime (Star Trek: The Original Series, #42)

Memory Prime (Star Trek: The Original Series, #42)Memory Prime It is the central core of an immense computer library an elite network of research planetoids Here, the Pathfinders the only artificial intelligences legally permitted to serve the Federation control and sift the overwhelming dataflow from thousands of research vessels

Death Count

Death CountThe disappearance of Andorian scientific genius Muav Haslev fuels tensions between the Orions and Andorians, tensions that come dangerously close to full scale war Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise are called to Starbase Sigma 1, located on the edge of Andorian Orion space, to