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The Twin Towers December , Three Months Have Passed Since The Twin Towers Collapsed, Killing Major Kyle Mason S Newlywed Bride His Delta Force Unit Is Now In Afghanistan, On The Doorstep Of Osama Bin Laden S Tora Bora Mountain Fortress Kyle Is Close To His Target Within Meters Of Avenging His Wife S DeathAs Delta Closes For The Kill, A Corrupt Afghan Warlord Betrays The Americans, Allowing Bin Laden To Escape Into Pakistan Crushed By His Failure At Tora Bora, Kyle Quits Delta And DisappearsSeven Years Later, Kyle Receives A Surprise Visitor Who Recruits Him For An Incredible Mission Using Technology At Area Recovered From Roswell, New Mexico In , Kyle Will Travel Back In Time To Stop And Save His Wife The First Book In The Time Tunnel Series, Time Tunnel The Twin Towers, Re Imagines As A Critical Inflection Point In Time, The Outcome Of Which The Government Determines Must Be Altered In Order To Reverse The Course Of The American Empire

About the Author: Richard Todd

Richard Todd is a writer, inventor, and entrepreneur As a contributor to the Huffington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle, he has interviewed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Virgin Group founder and chairman Sir Richard Branson, Interstellar executive producer Kip Thorne, economist and EU advisor Jeremy Rifkin, Apple Co Founder Steve Wozniak, Pulitzer Prize winning author Jane Smiley, astrophysicist Brian Greene, IBM Watson supercomputer team leader David Ferrucci, and Who Killed the Electric Car s Chelsea Sexton.Richard holds four patents in the field of information technology Like Michael Crichton s great techno thrillers, Richard weaves real life science into Time Tunnel The Towers to translate fantastic concepts like time travel into startling reality.Richard lives on a horse ranch in California with his beautiful wife Laura and the many rescue animals under their care In his not so abundant spare time, he is a competitive horseback rider.

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    Wow Let s be honest 9 11 is THE most painful event in modern history The Twin Towers addresses that pain The novel by Richard Todd reads like a Michael Crichton novel If Michael Crichton brainstormed with James Patterson and Tom Clancy Todd injects real science into the science fiction of time travel The science makes sense and the characters are all very real and believable.This is an incredible story.

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    Wow This book was fantastic I totally enjoyed it The pace was excellent and the characters were fascinating Major Kyle Mason lost his wife Padma to the terrorist attack on 9 11 He is special forces and heads to Afganistan trying to kill Osama Bin Laden Due to a corrupt Afgan warlord he fails to find and kill him Kyle disappears when he gets back to the United States.However there is a secret group of people that feel the past can be changed And the one to change it could be Wow This boo

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